ADAPT – Interior Educators at Free Range 2016

ADAPT – Interior Educators at Free Range 2016

An identity that adapts to the world of interiors



For our fourth consecutive year of designing and implementing an identity for Interior Educators (IE) at Free Range, we were tasked to improve on our success for last year’s keynote event in London, Re-Work. The London event showcases work produced by 2016 graduates from over 30 UK Interior Architecture and Design University Courses, presenting us with an opportunity to collaborate with academic institutions country-wide and the themes of Interior Architecture.

This year’s theme was Adapt, based on the idea of students taking existing architectural structures and giving them new life through new interior spaces. It challenged us to decide how to promote, install and navigate our way through the enormous Truman Brewery, prompting us to create a reactive identity that works with the space. The building consists of five massive warehouse spaces covering over 50,000 square feet, where our identity had to have a strong impact whilst being sensitive to the student's work. Alongside this we had to structure and deliver social media and email campaigns, design and create exhibition graphics as well as plan as much as we could for the two-day physical installation process.


Our concept for the identity comes from the space itself, utilizing a strong typographic word mark as the core identity with secondary elements bouncing off walls and floors at the event. Combining these with vibrant colours helped to create a show united under one adapt banner, but allowed the academic work and the Interior Educators brand to still shine through. From website updates and online adverts to room dressing, power point presentations and award certificates, the distinctive design concepts were applied to every element of the event.

Building on the stir from last-years social media campaign, we decided to use a more animated medium. We commissioned a series of animations from local animator Joe Street, where elements from the identity bounce and move around a 3-dimensional generated render of the Truman Brewery itself.


Overall the event was a huge success, with 1000’s of people attending the show across the weekend and traffic to the website showing a dramatic spike.  We’re already thinking about how we can evolve the event for the 10th anniversary of IE in 2017.