HERE Or There

HERE Or There

An exhibition by Field and Friends.


About the Exhibition

HERE Or There is a reaction to our picture-postcard view of the world.

When we think of New York, do we imagine the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building fused with the vibrancy and electric lights of Times Square? When we think of Paris is the Eiffel Tower framed vertically in the image flanked by flamboyantly dressed can-can dancers, layered over the neon glow of the Moulin Rouge? The answer is probably, but not definitely.

The work challenges the notion of the picture-postcard and try to represent the world’s most densely populated places as they really are, or as close as we can get, without being there in person. To explore the street-life alongside the private living spaces, to show the unedited and the over produced in a juxtaposed real-time glimpse of everyday life.


Pressing one of two buttons at the space allowed visitors to travel between Sheffield and cities all over the globe instantly, taking home a unique printed postcard as a result. Projections displayed real-time content drawn from multiple online sources around the world. It was a real hit with visitors, with everyone taking home their own custom bit of artwork from the event and a hangover from the afterparty. The exhibition was well recieved by both friends and peers alike, sparking interesting debate and conversations.