James Love Legal

James Love Legal

Creating a modular identity with Love



James Love Legal is a boutique Intellectual Property law firm, specialising in patents, trademarks and copyright. The firm acts for an array of high profile international clients including TomTom, Rightmove and Denby. Field were tasked with the creation of branding in keeping to James Love Legal’s reputation. It was also important that the branding conveyed the firm’s reliability and sophistication to potential future clients. The nature of the design required a level of uniqueness and individuality to differentiate from other typical lawyer websites. It was also important that the themes had cross-cultural appeal and worked with each of the six foreign language versions of the website.


We created a simple, single colour word marque using the firm’s initials: JLL. The second L is representative of a flashing cursor. This was designed to reference the process of transforming innovative products, ideas and designs into robust and reliable legal documents and was a theme deployed throughout the website.

With no photography and a substantial amount of text, we employed a graphic approach to the site in order to ensure information was presented in a clear and digestible manner. The designs referenced typical copyrighted and patented ideas in the form of multi-media and electronic goods. This quickly evolved from the potentially over-illustrated to more abstract modular concept, and taking inspiration from more basic shapes and profiles.


The bright colour palette lifted the tone of the site and helps to balance and provide counter-points to the site’s detailed textual requirements. The simple and straightforward modular shaping created an accessible and informative platform to convey the client’s message to a global and multi-lingual audience.