Working with Stephen and the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership, we created an engaging exhibition, which was aesthetically modern whilst paying homage to the Victorian time period and styles. This combination allowed the presented information within the exhibition to be easily accessible to a number of generations.

Within the exhibition was a memorial wall, displaying the names of the 383 people who died, below a circle, similar to that of a Stephenson lamp. We wanted to reinforce the number of people who had died, by writing the number 383 out within the grid of circles in lenticular card. The lenticular cards where two colours, meaning that when you walked past them, they would turn from burnt orange to yellow repeatedly. This created a flickering effect.

We wanted to ensure we kept the feel of the Victorian period, so incorporated traditional Victorian newspaper styles and serif writing within the printed material. A striking orange, representative of the explosions throughout the disaster, tied the differing styles together.

Our Experience

Katie, Jonny and Georgia attended the commemorative opening nights on the 12th December 2016. We were in awe at how many people where present at the event and how far they had travelled. It was immediately apparent how important this evening was to everyone. Relatives of the men and boys lost to the Oaks explosions travelled from as far as Southampton, whilst others marked the anniversary by a family service in Phoenix, Arizona.

Around a dozen volunteers where congratulated with framed copies of the commemorative newspaper, after conducting hours of research for the content of the exhibition.

It really was a pleasure to working with Stephen and Dearne Valley Partnership on this project and look forward to any future opportunities that may arise with the team. 

A View Of Sheffield…

A big thanks to Über Agency is due for inviting us to take part in A View Of Sheffield, a collaborative creative project expressing opinions on Sheffield. Our poster was shown in an exhibition as part of Sheffield Design Week down at the S1 Artspace gallery.

…Our View

As a way of illustrating the quote "Could be better", we produced a two colour screen print of vibrant wallpaper covering up the sweet and sticky mess of Sheffield underneath. It gave us a chance to combine some aspects of our commercial work with self-authored content and ideas, with the final poster receiving lots of praise in the final exhibition.


Straight off the back of the inspiring OFFSET 2016 was Sheffield Design Week, creating opportunity for us to host our own exhibition. Sheffield Hallam University's giant Hallam Hall was the perfect space for us, where we got to work designing an interactive exhibition all about challenging people's picture-postcard perception of the world. Pulling data from Twitter, Youtube and other social media sites from everywhere around the world, the experience showed people a realistic view of people online all over the globe. It was well recieved by both friends and peers alike, sparking interesting debate and conversations.

…or There

Pressing one of two buttons allowed visitors to travel between Sheffield and cities all over the globe instantly, taking home a unique printed postcard as a result. It was a real hit with visitors, with everyone taking home their own custom bit of artwork from the event and a hangover from the afterparty! A full project on the website coming soon, but for now stay tuned for details on our next exhibition!

A new refresh on our online portfolio…

2016 has been good to us. With all our work with Universities, Colleges and Shows starting to get recognition all around Sheffield, we thought it was time to refresh our site. Spending spare moments in between a busy summer we created a site that gives us a bit more personality and flexibility with what we put our focus on. We wanted to shift the tone of the site more onto large scale images and embedded videos, making it really visual for viewers and great fun for us to design. A consitent and unique style of photographing all our print work was needed as well, so we recruited local photographer Helena Fletcher to help capture a selection of our favourite print jobs.

…with a bit of international recognition!

The first couple of months of the site being live brought us a bit of praise from colleagues, clients and friends, as well as a feature on Communication Arts magazine's Webpicks. We've got more projects on the way and are really looking forward to sharing more of our work with the wide world!

Design, the Install and the challenge – What it takes

This is our 3rd year designing the event alongside Interior Educators. So we know that when the lights went out on the Re-appropriate event on 14th of July 2014, it was straight back to base in Sheffield to start conceiving the 2015 event, soon to be titled Re-Work. Peter Dixon of (IE) Interior Educators always has the privilege of naming rights. The name is always formed around the idea of re-working, re-modelling or re-imagining existing interior spaces, which is what we have to do when deciding how to promote, install and navigate the enormous Truman Brewery. The building consists of 5 huge warehouse spaces mounting up to over 50,000 square feet. Quite a daunting prospect when you have just under 2 days to install all graphics and digital installations.

A Collaborative Event

It is very much a collaboration between ourselves, IE and the 30 plus academic institutions that exhibit every year. Over the last 3 years we have learnt that sensitivity to the exhibitors is equally as important as the branding and event graphics. We’ve learnt how the building works and how to have fun along the way. It’s a competitive environment, one University competing against another but the banter is always friendly! The one thing we find deeply satisfying is the camaraderie, at the 11th hour everybody mucks in, sweeping brushes flying and the last piece of vinyl being applied to the floor just as the doors swing open and the free bar quickly evaporates.

More Info

Thanks to the wonderful India Hobson for the photography.

The Brief:

To change young peoples perceptions of what a social norm is in relation to smoking.

The Project:

Field worked alongside Leeds University, Leeds Beckett University and the NHS, delivering workshops and building an anti-smoking awareness campaign at Brigshaw School in Leeds. We were brought in to deliver lessons and workshops within the school and also to facilitate and design the final outcomes of the research project in the form of a campaign. The campaign was delivered using a large format typographic installation and 3d solar powered laser cut signs.

It has been 5 years since we created the way finding and design of the Leeds Met Degree Show, in the build up to the Leeds Beckett University – Art, Architecture and Design Degree Showcase 2016. We have been reflecting back on our first collaboration with the University and observing the lessons learned and the unique nature of the building and the challenges it presents you with.

On the night over 600 students exhibited with an estimated 2000 visitors passing through the doors on the opening evening alone. If you would like to read more about the event and get an independent perspective, there is an excellent write up here (Leeds Met Creative Arts Festival. A Creative Event In Itself.).